FOR HER: Mother's Day Gift Guide

FOR HER: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s that time again to brainstorm how to transform your love for the mom in your life into a small token of appreciation. Though there is never any present quite good enough to properly encapsulate your love, we put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift ideas to bring a smile to your mom's face this spring!

Soft and delicate essentials to wear all year round without harming the planet at an affordable price!

As seen in People Magazine, the Capri Kaftan and the Nicole Dress are the perfect gift for those mums that are planning their summer getaways. 

Mother´s Day Gift Guide - Capri Kaftan and Nicole Dress

Airy and soft, you can't go wrong with our new Organic Linen Collection. 

Mother´s Day Gift Guide - The Organic Linen Collection

For a dinner at home or outside, this versatile wardrobe essential set (3 in 1 Jacket-Robe-PJ Top and Wide Leg Palazzo Pants) will have her covered! 

Mother´s Day Gift Guide - 3 in 1 and Wide Leg Palazzo

Everyone loves a boyfriend shirt... even more when it's made from sustainable and organic fabrics and non-toxic dyes. 

Mother´s Day Gift Guide - Boyfriend Shirt

Rolled up and ready to go! Our scarves are a must have for all year round.

Mother´s Day Gift Guide - Scarves

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Size Chart
XS 0 32 32" to 34" 25" to 27" 35" to 37"
2 34
S 4 36 34" to 36" 27" to 29" 37" to 39"
6 38
M 8 40 36" to 38" 29" to 31" 39" to 41"
10 42
L 12 44 38" to 41" 31" to 34" 41" to 44"
14 46
XL 16 48 41" to 44" 34" to 37" 44" to 47"