FULL CIRCLE: A Chance to Be Neu Again

FULL CIRCLE: A Chance to Be Neu Again

It’s no secret that our planet works through symbiosis. Each thing relies on another. Nature’s processes create, renew, and repeat. 

That’s why this year, our mission is to close the circle. We’re taking a step forward toward our values, and this earth day we’re proud to announce our partnership with TREET – a reseller site that helps you give neu life to your pre-loved Neu Nomads styles. 

This year, we’re closing the loop and going FULL CIRCLE. 

Our Earth Ethos

This Earth Day, we’re reaffirming our commitment to sustainability to you and to our planet. 

As conscious individuals, we've made a commitment to live a simpler, more sustainable life that respects and cherishes our planet. These are the values we bring to Neu Nomads, doubling down on our pledge to create outstanding clothing pieces in innovative ways that leave a minimal footprint.

Our processes have not changed. We continue to ensure that our clothing dyes don't pollute our waterways, we're slashing plastic waste generated in shipping and distribution, we're keeping overproduction in check, and we're guaranteeing fair wages and safe working conditions for our factory workers, wherever they are on our planet.

And when it comes to our fashion pieces, we're proudly using biodegradable, natural fibers that pave the way for a more sustainable industry. From our plant-based, satiny TENCEL™ to a gorgeously soft and casual SeaCell™, to our sustainably sourced Mongolian cotton-cashmere, and our breezy, fair-trade linen, our fabrics are chosen for their high-quality feel that doesn’t harm the planet.

These fabrics are designed to last. In designs we cherish for their longevity, your Neu Nomads clothing is not meant to be worn just once. 


TREET: A Chance to be NEU again

With that in mind, Neu Nomads is excited to announce our partnership with TREET, a reseller brand that is leading the way in the fashion industry's push towards FULL CIRCLE. 

Our goal is to close the loop of production, ensuring that your favorite Neu Nomads pieces have a chance to become neu again in someone else’s closet. This works by giving you the opportunity to sell your gently worn clothing back to us through TREET. Then, we’ll reward you with credit to spend on another Neu Nomads piece you love, and you can update your wardrobe without the guilt.

Plus, by extending the life cycle of our clothing, we're reducing our environmental impact and empowering you to make a positive change.

Our partnership with TREET is a critical step in addressing the fashion industry’s problems of overproduction and excessive waste. We’re closing the loop: extending the use period of our mindfully-made pieces, and giving them another lease at life with someone else.

We believe that we have a responsibility to create products that are both stylish and sustainable. This is our fundamental ethos, and what sets Neu Nomads apart. Through our new partnership with TREET, we’re embarking on a new leg of our journey to create a more circular and regenerative fashion industry. 

So, this Earth Day, it’s time for a clear out. Make your account on TREET today.

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