Neu Women: Amy Rosoff Davis. Celebrity trainer, health and wellness coach

Neu Women: Amy Rosoff Davis. Celebrity trainer, health and wellness coach

The Neu Women web series is back and we are so thrilled to relaunch the series with one of our favorite muses: Amy Rosoff Davis. We met Amy a couple of years ago, the first year we were releasing Neu Nomads actually...and since then we have been honored to accompany her in some of the most important events of her life.


A couple of weeks ago this talented and inspiring celebrity trainer, health and wellness coach opened up the doors of her beautiful home for us to share a little bit about her work, mission, routine and self care tips. Trust us when we say that you will feel incredibly empowered after reading her story and the way she learned how to approach life. She is muse in every sense of the word.

Born and raised in Ithaca, Upstate NY, Amy grew up in a sustainable household. Surrounded by cooperative and farmers markets, her lunch box was always full of carrots, apples and the freshest of produce. At her home, recycling was the norm. And music and movement was a part of her daily life. No wonder she started dancing at the age of 5 and then, while attending NYU Tisch School of the Arts to pursue an acting career, was seduced by the world of Eastern movement modalities such as Tai Chi and Yoga. Little did she know how all of this would come together in her first years as an actress in LA and define her career and life. 

Amy Rosoff Davis in the Linen Gigi Tunic

“Acting is a hard career to break into.” Amy says. For every YES that you get there are about 10 NO's, that is the ratio. You always need to have a side job to live out while you focus on going to castings and auditions. Plus, you need to make sure to always look good, be in shape, which for her was never an issue. She loved the sweat and burn of traditional fitness classes - like pilates, high impact aerobics, kick-boxing, circuit training, and dance cardio -, but also struggled with feeling exhausted and disconnected from her body after her workouts.

And that’s when everything started, when Amy asked herself: “Shouldn’t fitness feel good?” This simple yet complex question led her to leave her waitress days to start training people that ultimately led her to developing her signature workouts of intense cardio mixed with Yoga + Pilates. The results were so good that she then decided to put her acting career on pause to focus on this new opportunity. 

Amy Rosoff Davis in the Cropped Palazzo & Lotus Camisole

Amy understood the importance of mind, body and spirit at an early age, but it was only then that she realized that she had not only a job, but a mission: helping people become their best self. 

“This tagline comes from the book You Are a Badass from Jenn Sincero. It basically means that you need self love to become your best self.  Instagram, magazine, everything they portrait speaks about perfection. But what is perfect? Is hard being human. We naturally want to compare ourselves and be something different. In my 20s I used to overwork a lot and eat quinoa all day to be good, to feel good, to look good for others, but I wasn’t happy. So I decided that I needed to first date myself to fall in love with myself.  Trying to have perfect results is not the way. There is no perfect anything and if you trust in you it is going to radiate in your life.” 

Amy Rosoff Davis in the Petra Shirt Dress

"Give yourself the permission and the means ( Yes, that includes the money), to be who you are REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANYBODY ELSE THINGS OR BELIEVES IS POSSIBLE.  DO not deny yourself the life you want to live because you're worried you're not good enough or that you will be judged or that it is too risky, because who does that benefit? No one, that's who. When you live your life doing the things that turn you on, that you're good at, that bring you joy, that make you shove stuff in people's face and scream " Check this out!!!!" you walk around so lit up that you shoot sunbeams out of your eyeballs. Which automatically lights up the world around you. Which is precisely why you are here: to shine your big-ass ball of fire onto this world of ours. A world that literally depends on light to survive. YOU are powerful. YOU are love. YOU are surrounded by miracles. Believe, really believe that what you desire is here and available to you. And you can have it all. Love yourself. You are a badass".  - Jenn Sincero, YOU ARE A BADASS

And now, here are some tips for how to implement all...

How can anyone learn how to listen to their bodies and what is your best self? Do you have that figured out or is it an evolving journey? 

I don’t think anybody has figured it out! Yoga is considered a practice because there is always more to learn. I had a therapist once that told me the point of life is growth”- I totally agree. You show up on your mat and do your thing and hope to grow and change- it’s not about the end, it’s the journey. Listening to what feels good is the most important. Do a workout that you want to do cause it’s fun and feels good! You are more likely to stick to a fitness routine if you like it! And the same goes for food! Make your wellness fun - not a chore. That’s my best advice. It feels good to feel good, and you will be inspired to keep on your wellness journey once you start to feel and see results. We need to be gentle and loving with ourselves. Sometimes I am going to be my best and sometimes I will just try to be and that is enough. 

How to take care of yourself being a mom of 2 kids. Do you think motherhood changes your coaching approach?

Having two kids definitely changes everything. The jump from 1-2 was a lot especially since my husband and I are both growing brands (he and his family own Portola Paints-their paint has zero VOC and the most gorgeous colors and finishes!). I had to adjust my work to adapt to all of the moving parts and juggling of parenthood- Most days I wish I had octopus arms. There is not much free time, but I have to prioritize self care otherwise I feel like I am running around on empty. Even though the most important thing is my family, I also have to take care of myself too. Happy parents= happy kiddos.  I had to adjust my approach to wellness with my hands full. I love working out and cooking but being short on time means I do micro workouts or turn daily chores into heart pumping activities (ever tried cardiovascular car washing!?).  And while I love being a chef for the fam, I have accepted that I am not in a phase of my life where I can spend hours preparing a meal- so we do easy stuff we can all make together and we grill a lot. That way it’s still a ritual and fun, but there is less pressure. I’ve learned to be like Elsa and LET IT GO.

Over the last few years, I have had so many people ask about my wellness routine, tips, mom hacks, workouts and recipes that I decided to launch a blog. So last year in the midst of the pandemic at 5 months pregnant with no childcare, I started my newsletter and blog posts. It covers everything from skincare to salad recipes to maternity picks. 

Tell us a little bit about your self-care routine.

  • I love skincare 
  • Baths
  • Infrared sweating. I love sweating, there are so many health benefits - releasing toxins and heavy metals, deep relaxation, better skin, better recovery, mood boost - the list goes on
  • Carving out 1 or 2 days a week to be with the family and clock out of work
  • Walks with guided meditation, mantras 
  • Weekends at the beach 

    To close, the Neu Women questionnaire by Amy Rosoff Davis.

  • Neu mantra:  Be here now
  • Neu sustainable habit: composting 
  • Neu self-care/healthy practice: meditation 
  • Neu female voice:  Amanda Gorman 
  • Neu inspiring book or news article: Mastery of Love
  • Neu song obsession: Anything from CAAMP
  • Neu go-to veg restaurant:  Cafe Gratitude
  • Neu spot to reconnect with:  Hiking nature, beaches- anywhere outside
  • Neu decompress routine: Massages and baths 
  • Neu weekend retreat: Malibu 
  • Neu travel destination: Argentina, Brazil - anywhere in south America. 
  • Neu style icon: Alexa Chung
  • Neu everyday look: Jeans and a T shirt or workout leggings and a T
  • Neu sustainable brands you love: Branch Basics, Stasher, Rothy's, Girlfriend Collective
  • Neu Neu Nomads favorite style:  White Linen and soft vegan silky sets!

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