Neu Women

Neu Women: Madison Utendahl

We met up with the inspiring and talented Madison Utendahl at her Brooklyn apartment in the early days of S...

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Neu Women: Amy Rosoff Davis. Celebrity trainer, health and wellness coach

The Neu Women web series is back and we are so thrilled to relaunch the series with one of our favorite mus...

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Neu Women: Kate Rockwell, Broadway Actress and Singer

Neu Nomads has three homes across 3 continents.  New York: where our corporate office and part of the team ...

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Neu Women: Ashley Wu, Founder Maison

Neu Women was created by and for women engaging with the world in meaningful ways. Since its inception over...

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Neu Women: Aditi Shah, Peloton Yoga & Meditation Instructor

We met up with the inspiring and talented Aditi Shah at her Brooklyn apartment exactly two weeks ago to int...

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Neu Women, Corinna and Theresa Williams, Founders Celsious Laundromat

Since the release of the Neu Women series, we have been telling stories of independent female leaders, not ...

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Neu Women: Bianca Valle, Holistic Nutritionist, Artist and more

We are thrilled to welcome Bianca Valle as our Neu Women of the month. This 25 year old with Mexican roots ...

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Neu Women: Sophia Li, Journalist and Director

As summer transitions to fall and we embrace a new season, we welcome Sophia Li as our Neu Woman of the mo...

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Neu Women: Jess Tran, Senior Partnerships Manager at Intrepid Travel and Founder of Ghost Vintage

Summer is here and we are celebrating travel adventures with Neu Woman of the month Jess Tran.  She’s the h...

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Neu Women: Danielle Duboise, Co-Founder Sakara Life

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we are kicking off the celebrations with our Neu Woman of the mo...

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Neu Women: Jasmine Garnsworthy, Founder of The Buff Skincare and Fairwell

If you are at the forefront of every burgeoning beauty trend known to womankind, you have probably read an...

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