Earth Day Resolutions

Earth Day Resolutions

This Earth Day, our hope is that we may use this time of global pause to rediscover our belonging with the Earth. May we take this time to slow down, be in nature, care for those we love, and boldly envision the kind of world we want to create for ourselves and for future generations. And may we come to recognize that there is no human nature, only nature. 

Here at Neu, this time of looking inward has led us to a new guiding vision: Everything considered, everyone connected. We’re envisioning a more conscious, sustainable way of living and doing business -- one that unites us in our values, with a deeper sense of connection to one another and to the natural world. 

In this spirit, with the intention of opening up the conversation within our community, we ask our Neu Women which were their Earth Day Resolutions. 


Karen Wood and Sophia Li

Alyssa Brieloff and Natalie Decleve

Sophie Weill and Gimena Garmendia

Amber Vittoria and Aditi Shah

Florencia Cavallo and Courtney Fisch

We’d love to hear more about your values and visions for the future. Share your thoughts tagging @neu.nomads #EarthDayResolution or drop us a line:


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