Holiday Gift Picks from our Neu Women Community

Holiday Gift Picks from our Neu Women Community

Since the Saturnalia of the pagans, the end of December has been known as a time for reflection and celebration. A time for friendship, family and looking ahead to the new. It’s a time for cheer, for hope and for giving something special.

Christmas has always been a special time for us at Neu Nomads. It’s the time of year we enjoy the most, sharing our hopes and giving presents to those we love. In this spirit, we decided to contact our Neu Woman community and ask them for their wisdom on the festive season. 

Read on for wise quotes from our community and beautiful, thoughtful gift ideas that they’re sharing from the Neu Nomads collection.

JULIANNE FRASER: “I crack open a journal with a glass of wine”

Julianne, let’s begin by asking what holiday cheer means to you? 

To me, the spirit of the holidays is being together with loved ones. Having spent last Christmas alone in isolation due to Covid, I can't express just how grateful and excited I am to be heading home to Canada this year with my husband and daughter, surrounded by loved ones and enjoying delicious meals, fun games, inspiring movies — just all around quality time.

That's so exciting. Covid really turned our lives upside down and showed us that what we took for granted is really such a blessing; to be surrounded by loved ones, eating our favorite foods and the air full of laughter. These are not things everyone has. Thanks for the reminder.

Let’s talk about gift-giving. What Neu Nomads style do you have on your Christmas present list this year, and for whom? Tell us about her and what makes her a Neu Nomads woman. 

I love the Karlie Jacket and the Palazzo Pant suit set, and wore it to a wedding this past summer. I have my eye on the new Carina Marble print, this suit made me feel powerful, feminine and sexy, the perfect gift for any inspired and daring woman in your life.

The Karlie and Palazzo Pants are definitely firm favorites in our community. We think it’s their versatility and power – suitable for weddings, boardrooms but also for casual holiday dinners at home. Carina Marble is becoming a firm favorite too. We love how the colors can be styled for any season. The neutrals are light for spring/summer yet there are fall colors hidden in the swirls.

Finally, let’s end with looking towards the new year. Do you believe in setting intentions for the new year? What’s your hope for 2023? 

Each holiday, I crack open a journal with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace to reflect on the past and dream of the future. This year will be no different: I believe in the power of visualization, setting intentions and learning from past experiences. This next year, my hope is to dare to take risks without the fear of failure or judgment. Progress is a journey and you can only learn by doing, so I plan to do just that.

LAUREN DEVEREUX: “Holiday cheer is participation in ritual”

Lauren, the holidays are fast approaching. What does holiday cheer mean to you? 

On a personal level, holiday cheer for me means participation in ritual. It's the one time of year where I can expect things like challah on my Thanksgiving table and a handmade cranberry necklace for the turkey to wear. The certainty and the familiarity, especially during a time in the world with so little of that, is what feels the most festive to me. On a grander scale, holiday cheer means being an active participant in a collective conviviality, and going out of one's way to be charitable and generous.

The rituality of the holidays is such an ancient part of celebration: traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. Sharing the love through repeated and intentional action is an especially beautiful part of the holiday cheer. Thank you for the reminder.

Part of that ritual is gift-giving. What Neu Nomads style do you have on your Christmas present list this year, and for whom? Tell us about her and what makes her a Neu Nomads woman. 

Don't tell her, but I've had my sights set on the Rafia Beach Bag for my Nana for a while now. She's a lady on the go, and is seldom caught without a knitting project and a few hard candies in tow. She's the best learner, listener, advocate, and friend a gal could ask for. Can't believe I'm lucky enough to have her as mine.

That’s beautiful. Grandparents have a special place in our communities of sources of love, warmth and friendship, we hope she treasures her new bag.

Do you believe in setting intentions for the new year? What’s your hope for 2023? 

A year is really just an arbitrary way of telling time. Instead of falling victim to the "I'll wait to do that next year" talk, whether it's intention-setting or action-based, I try to pivot towards action in the moment. Even if it's a random Tuesday in November instead of on January 1st!

AMY ROSOFF DAVIS: “My hope for 2023 is to simplify”

Amy, thank you for taking the time to dream of the holidays with us. Let’s begin with our first question: What does holiday cheer mean to you? 

Spending time with family and friends. Decorating. Cooking. Fun. Relaxing. 

What Neu Nomads style do you have on your Christmas present list this year, and for whom? Tell us about her and what makes her a Neu Nomads woman.

Cotton Cashmere leggings and matching hoodie for my girl Nousha Raymond (@nursenousha). 

Nousha is one of my closest friends, my facialist, my mama guru, Reiki goddess and as I say, my human angel. She is the queen of self care and has taught me so much about being a mama, manifester, businesswoman and grounded human being. She is wise, beautiful, spiritual, and loves her family and this planet. We share so many friends and clients and light up when we are together. 

She is a Neu Nomads woman who shines on this planet with her big beautiful bright light. She is the epitome of grounded feminine energy, strength and self love. 

What beautiful words about your friend! We love the energy from the Neu Nomads community about other women. It’s all about elevation, spiritual strength and learning from each other and that sense of community and having found your people to build it with is incredibly special. Nousha – you sound fantastic!

Let’s look ahead to 2023. Do you believe in setting intentions for the new year?

I love to start a new year feeling refreshed in body, mind and spirit with goals and an overall intention for the new year. I never want to set myself up for overwhelm or pressure — that's the opposite way to make things happen — so once I set an intention I let go of the outcome.  

I usually spend some time getting clear on what I want, meditating, feeling the feeling of living the outcome, and then letting it go. My hope for 2023 is to Simplify. I want to spend less time juggling 9000 things and slow down. I want to be more present and live more fully in each moment with my family. 

MELISSA MEYERS: “I like to set intentions regularly”

Melissa, welcome to the holiday issue of our Neu Women community! Let’s start with the basics: What does holiday cheer mean to you? 

Seeking out the joy and happiness that comes along with this time of year — this includes spending quality time with family and friends!

What Neu Nomads style do you have on your Christmas present list this year, and for whom? Tell us about her and what makes her a Neu Nomads woman.  

I  am obsessed with your Easy Slip dresses and have them in three colors so I’m planning on getting one for my stylish daughter Rachel! Quality designs and sustainable fashion are important to her — definitely a Neu Nomads woman.

We love the Easy Slip too! It’s a capsule wardrobe staple and is perfect for the new year. It’s such a simple dress to throw on over a bikini on your beach getaway or layer up with boots and a chunky knit. We’re sure Rachel will love it.

Do you believe in setting intentions for the new year? What’s your hope for 2023? 

Yes! I like to set intentions regularly and keep a gratitude journal which helps me with this too. 

I plan to continue growing The Glow Girl platform and share my best tips with other women on how to live a cleaner, more enhanced life. Prioritizing a healthy work-life balance is on the list too. I’m also hoping to travel more in 2023!




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