Zero Waste Packaging

From shipping mailers to garment tags, all of our packaging is zero-waste.

Instead of shipping in poly bags which is standard practice in the fashion industry, we've chosen bio-degradable bags.  Our shipping mailers are made from 100% recycled poly.  And any paper products used to package our garments are made from 100% recycled paper. 

A little note about our paper packaging...

We work with a family-run business that makes its paper entirely from the waste of nearby garment manufacturers, taking the discarded cotton scraps and pulverizing them into a paste that’s then poured into sheets and cut into paper. 

No plastic, no pollution: just the way we like it.

The Next Generation of Fabrics

As part of our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of textile production, we’re innovating new fabrics made from natural fibers.

All of our fabrics are treated with non-toxic dyes in a state-of-the-art facility in Rajasthan that runs on solar power and rain water purification technology. To reduce the enormous water footprint of standard textile dyeing practices, our facility retreats and recycles up to 90% of water consumed. Our dye house has won global sustainability awards and earned support from the UN, the European Commission and the Swiss government. (Click here to learn more about our dyeing process.)

Learn more about our signature textiles on our Fabrics page.

Ethical Business Practices

Our factories provide safe working conditions for artisans and craftsmen by creating facilities with ergonomically designed workstations, proper lighting, good ventilation and air conditioning.  In addition our sewers are paid fair wages and provided with medical coverage for their families.

Our facility supervisors are also training a new generation of artisans from surrounding areas, providing employment and skills for a sustainable workforce.

Fair Prices

We think beautiful clothing should be affordable and accessible. By working directly with our suppliers and keeping overhead costs low, we’re able to bring you products of exceptional quality without the traditional markups. Plus, we’re minimalists at heart.

We believe in doing more with less, so we’ve designed every piece in our collection to be endlessly wearable, washable and versatile. Here’s to your new everyday essentials.

Ethical Supply Chain

We are committed to the transparency and traceability of our production process from start to finish. We’ve taken great care to collaborate with suppliers who uphold the highest possible production standards, and our team regularly inspects every juncture of the supply chain to ensure that our ethics standards are upheld and our workers are treated with dignity and respect.  

Size Chart
XS 0 32 32" to 34" 25" to 27" 35" to 37"
2 34
S 4 36 34" to 36" 27" to 29" 37" to 39"
6 38
M 8 40 36" to 38" 29" to 31" 39" to 41"
10 42
L 12 44 38" to 41" 31" to 34" 41" to 44"
14 46
XL 16 48 41" to 44" 34" to 37" 44" to 47"