Neu Destination: Buenos Aires

Neu Destination: Buenos Aires

The dappled sun, the shade of unique colonial architecture, the sticky sweet smell of cañoncitos hawked by street vendors, and the cool taste of Argentinian wine. This fall, we’re launching our neu-est collection in the fabulous Buenos Aires, where the streets are filled with infinitely stylish porteños enjoying the most incredible atmosphere in Latin America.

If you’re new to the coolest city in LatAm, then Buenos Aires is an experience for every one of your senses. From the twisty sensuality of the traditional tango to the decadent tastes of world-famous Argentinian cuisine, it’s not for nothing that Buenos Aires is known as the cultural capital of South America.

So, what better place for us to launch our latest collection of ultimate staples? In dulce de leche caramel hues, silky TENCEL™, and infinitely classy neutrals, here’s our lookbook for the coolest fall season ever.


First Stop: Calle la Defensa

We can’t afford to sleep in late in this city — so early morning, we’re heading for brunch along the iconic Calle la Defensa in central Buenos Aires. With the sights, the sounds, and the bustle of the central city, this street is where Argentina comes to life. A hubbub of street vendors, cobbled streets, and lively performances, we’re wearing the breathable Betsy Blouse with our favorite Carina Cropped Palazzo Pants to explore. 

Chic enough to team together but comfortable enough for a day spent sightseeing, we love the Carina Cropped Pants with chunky boots to keep our feet comfy along the cobbles. Feeling the chill? Shrug on your Karlie Jacket in Caramel, and why not try one of Argentina’s famous dulce de leche pastries while you’re here — we’re all about the colors and tastiest of caramel this fall.


Next Stop: The Block of Lights

And in the second stop in our tour, we’re heading out to the block of lights or the Manzana de las Luces for those in the know. The day’s got an edge to it, so we’re wrapping up in the Dylan Overcoat over Amelie Pants and the Kerala Blouse in neutral black. 

The Block of Lights is the cultural center of Buenos Aires and played host to many critical moments in Argentine history. From the scholarship of the Enlightenment to the cultural revival of numerous revoluciones, the Block of Lights is the place to discover Argentina’s rich and diverse history.


Third Stop: San Telmo Antique Market

We’re not leaving just yet.  Another quick change, and we’re heading to the hubbub of Argentina’s biggest antique market. Under a wrought iron 19th-century majesty, the hustle and bustle of the Argentine shopping center hasn’t changed much since it was first opened. Haggle with a hawker, stock up on organic vegetables, or take home a great find from one of the antique stalls — it’s all possible here in San Telmo. 

For a day spent exploring, we’re wearing the Boyfriend Jacket in cozy flannel. In a stylish long cut and teamed with matching flannel Track Pants, the Boyfriend Jacket is the perfect cover-up for the transition season. Warm enough to keep out the autumnal chill yet cool enough to wear open over a sleek cami, we’re wearing flannel here, there, and everywhere this season.

Final Stop: Atis Bar

As the night draws in, we’re dancing all night, sipping chilled Argentinian Malbec, and we’re wearing the Cowl Neck Midi Dress to do it all in. Teamed with comfortable dancing shoes and a subtle sparkle of gold, that’s all you need to party into the small hours.

And what a place to party in. Atis Bar was originally built as a convent in 1890, and its iconic building brings a space filled with stories, history, and culture. Now, its iconic black and white floor tiles speak of unforgettable nights, not of early morning prayers, and the crawling ivy is witness to meals shared over a dream menu, not the daily reflections of the nuns. 

¡Viva Buenos Aires!

With cobbled streets and stunning colonial façades, delicious sweet treats, and exploring the city with a hot café con leche para llevar, Buenos Aires is always a fabulous city for a getaway.

In our FW23 collection, you’re set for anything. Whether exploring, dancing, partying, or simply working, there’s a piece for you. This season is all about the coolest neutrals, bold splashes of delicious color, and our signature shapes that you’ll just wear again and again… and again.



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