Neu Women: Sophia Li, Journalist and Director

Neu Women: Sophia Li, Journalist and Director

As summer transitions to fall and we embrace a new season, we welcome Sophia Li as our Neu Woman of the month. Optimistic, ambitious and fiercely loyal, she is a Leo through and through. A true multifaceted modern woman living her life at the fullest. But let’s get back to the beginning...

Soph (American nickname) + Fei (Chinese nickname) = @sophfei
Sophia grew up between four states and across two continents, China and the United States. Her Instagram handle merges these 2 distinct worlds together: soph (American nickname) + fei (Chinese nickname) = @sophfei. After finishing college, her passion for human connections, immersive storytelling and conscious content, led her to move to NYC and become part of the first team. As the former Entertainment Media Editor she worked on creating and launching VOGUE's social and digital voice. Now, as a freelance journalist and video director her focus lies in authentic, innovative digital storytelling and reporting for media outlets, editorial, and brands. 

Sophia Li Neu Women Neu Nomads
Don’t underestimate us, when we say authentic and innovative, we mean it. As mainstream as the terms "sustainability," "women empowerment," “self-care,” have become, few people truly know what it implies or entails. People who take time to read, talk and discuss with others to understand what we can all do, each of us from our humble role, to take all of these terms to ACTION

 Sophia Li. Sustainability to ACTION.
Sophia is one of the exceptions. Always in movement, but deeply connected, you can see her moderating talks for Arianna Huffington, participating in panels about Asian women empowerment, directing social conscious campaigns about the meaning of age, kindly travelling and discovering far flung cultures and traditions, turning moon cycles into moon celebrations, and always sharing all her wisdom with others, either personally when you run into her or through her power social media channels.  

Neu Women Sophia Li Neu Nomads
Here are some of the "Neu" decisions and actions that help her feel more connected to herself day by day.

  • Neu mantra: If you have life, you have purpose.
  • Neu sustainable habit: Offsetting carbon footprint on flights
  • Neu self-care/healthy practice: Saying no to events and energy therapy
  • Neu female voice: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • Neu inspiring book or news article: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century
  • Neu song obsession: FACES by the Blaze
  • Neu go-to veg restaurant: Double Zero Vegan Pizza
  • Neu spot to reconnect with: Anywhere with mother nature
  • Neu decompress routine: Leave the phone at home on the weekends
  • Neu weekend retreat: Sleepaway camp or vipassana
  • Neu travel destination: Cairo
  • Neu style icon: Gemma Chan
  • Neu everyday look: Surf wetsuit
  • Neu sustainable brands you love: Neu Nomads, Mola Sasa, Ookioh, Knickey, For Days, Girlfriend Collective, Brother Vellies
  • Neu Neu Nomads favorite style: Easy Slip Dress and Linen Boyfriend Shirt


  Organic Linen Wrap Jacket  Lotus Camisole 

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