Neu Women: Jess Tran, Senior Partnerships Manager at Intrepid Travel and Founder of Ghost Vintage

Neu Women: Jess Tran, Senior Partnerships Manager at Intrepid Travel and Founder of Ghost Vintage

Summer is here and we are celebrating travel adventures with Neu Woman of the month Jess Tran.  She’s the head of partnerships at Intrepid Travel and lover of all things vintage - check out her side hustle - Ghost vintage!

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Jess decided to move to New York 5 years ago for love. Nothing seemed secure back then, she didn´t have an apartment or secured a job and -as she says- she barely knew the man that had suddenly thrown her life upside down, but what could go wrong? After spending the entire afternoon chatting with Jess  (and listening to her utterly charming Australien accent) we can tell she is a person of true authenticity. Her sensitiveness and determination have the ability to inspire and transform those around her to engage with the world in meaningful ways. Read on to discover how Jess transformed her passion for adventure and wanderlust into a new career. 

Jess Tran for Neu Nomads

This same passion for discovering the unseen and truly connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds, is what led her to take a trip with Intrepid Travel, a travel b-corporation that has the ability of taking you out of the guidebooks and into the world. What started as a need to find new and conscious ways of travelling, led to taking more tours as a client which then parlayed into a job opportunity.  Her vast experience in communications -Exo ProteinRoam InternationalDagne Dover among many others- was of paramount importance, no doubt, in being appointed the Senior Partnerships Manager of the agency, but we don’t believe in coincidences. This is the result of living in a more connected way and of being aware of our own surroundings, always listening and creating opportunities both for herself and others.

Jess Tran for Neu Nomads

And it doesn't end here, anyone who knows Jess has picked up on her precise and detailed eye for vintage.  Her dreamy loft was furnished for under $1,000 with pieces scouted from Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist  (attention NYers, it’s possible!)  unique way of styling her favorite Neu Nomads styles with vintage accessories had us wanting go out vintage hunting with her! Her love of vintage and one of a kind pieces began at 12 years old, when she launched the profile series and vintage store, Ghost Vintage. In times when everything is measured by popularity and profitability, Jess´s project aims at celebrating the importance of having a side hustle or a hobby when you have a full time job. Something that you can do creatively, that allows you to connect with your passion without the pressure of turning it into something big or ground-breaking.

Jess Tran for Neu Nomads

There is so much more to say about her and we are happy to share that we will be joining the next Intrepid adventure in Turkey with an inspiring group of women. Now you understand why we are obsessed with Jess's authenticity and ability to inspire others. 

In the meantime, read on and discover how "Neu" simple decisions and actions help Jess feel more connected to herself everyday.

  • Neu self-care/healthy practice: I powerlift 4x a week and often do it solo. It's an important self-care practice to me that allows me to completely tune out of my day and focus on something that is such a cornerstone habit for me. I also try to meditate for ten minutes, write in my gratitude journal and write three pages of free-form journaling every morning. Setting the intention and the space helps me feel more capable to go about my day.
  • Neu female voice: Esther Perel! The best relationship psychotherapist and such an incredible voice. She wrote a book called Mating in Captivity which explores the contrast between domestic bliss and sexual desire. I'm deep in a 5+ year relationship, and we love listening to her podcast "Where Shall We Begin" - unfiltered anonymous couples therapy sessions. I'm a big fan of honest communication and self-work, and she provides such incredible insights into the self and relationships that make you realize people are all kind of the same.
  • Neu inspiring book or news article: 1. The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells. It's an extremely jarring and important look at climate change, and their real-time effects on our planet and our future. It's hard to read because he lays the facts out straight without flinching, and it's a little difficult to believe but it's a rally for action. 2. Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Mindfulness has always been something that feels like an unobtainable goal, and this book is a handy guide and inspiration to weaving mindfulness into the every day in minor ways.
  • Neu song obsession: Nuit D'afrique - Kora, Adriēn
  • Neu go-to veg restaurant: Modern Love in Williamsburg or the veggie noodles at Xian's Famous Foods! The veggie ramen at Wanpaku is also delightful.
  • Neu spot to reconnect with: I go to the dog park every morning at 8-9AM and spend most mornings with my community, in nature. In Winter it's not nearly as great, but the forced nature time is helpful for my mental health. I also try to go to Upstate New York a few times a year to hike and just be completely immersed in the seasons in a way that you're not when you're buzzing around your normal routine.
  • Neu decompress routine: Go home, turn my disco ball on, play chill music, read The New Yorker and eat something indulgent.
  • Neu style icon: Fran Fine from the Nanny!
  • Neu sustainable brands you love: I love Neu Nomads, obviously. I also love Hara The Label, they do great bamboo cotton lingerie that is 1) sustainable and 2) super flattering. I also love Girlfriend for their use of closed loop textiles (recycling plastic bottles) and any place that's experimenting with closed loop textiles, like For Days.
  • Neu Nomads favorite style: The linen kimono set!!


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