Holiday Gifts To Outlast the Season

Holiday Gifts To Outlast the Season

When you think of Santa coming down the chimney in Christmas-lore, he’s a jolly, portly old man wearing a cozy red suit and scoffing mince pies. Yuletide, and the seasonal celebrations of those around the world, is a time for family, over-indulgence and presents-galore.

In Germany and some parts of Europe, though, a darker night precedes the festivities. Krampusnacht – the Night of Krampus – is a hilariously terrifying tradition that takes place on the 5th of December. In the lead-up to Christmas, men in the community dress up as Krampus, a devil-like figure, not a jolly Santa Claus. Krampus is the antithesis of Father Christmas, and he chases misbehaving children and warns them to change their ways.

This image of Christmas has always interested us at Neu Nomads. Behind the tinsel and the fairy lights, there’s something different at work. From the ghosts of a Christmas Carol to Krampusnacht, Christmas isn’t just about celebrating. It’s about lessons to be learned and new resolutions to come.


As a metaphor, how perfect for our Christmas overconsumption! It’s easy to get lost in the festivities at this time of year. Easy to renegade on our sustainable principles, getting carried away in gift-giving and putting on a feast. But those joke presents, that fast-fashion sequinned party dress, those polyester Christmas sweaters… they’ll be clogging up landfill and shedding microfibers for years to come.

‘Tis the season, after all, to be mindful of your fashion purchases. So this year, we’re still lavishing our loved ones with careful purchases we know they’ll love, and we’re still taking part in Christmas festivities. Yet we’re mindful of this impact on our planet and the wonderful world we call home. We’re giving gifts that outlast the holiday season and will be firm favorites for 2023, 2024 and beyond.


The Gift Of Eternal Glamor: The Bias Cut Slip Dress

The first gift on our list? That’s got to be the Bias Cut Slip Dress… Perfectly enveloping your body and cut in an endlessly flattering bias, the Bias Cut Slip Dress is a dress for every season. A standout in our sustainable dresses collection, the Bias Cut is a Neu Nomads fave.

As the weather warms up in the glorious spring, fit your Bias Cut with a simple Crewneck Tee and your trusty pair of sneakers. Endlessly flattering, the Bias cut works well over and under your clothes to add layers for warmth and style. In the summer, though, you don’t need them! Throw on your Bias Cut over your bikini, or go solo for dancing the hot summer nights away. Sandals or strappy heels complete the look.

As the nights draw into fall, the Bias dress works well with a long sleeved Crewneck Tee and a chunky cashmere scarf. Add tights and boots to layer up when the chill sets in. Finally, get ready for Christmas 2023, 2024 and beyond with the endlessly stylish Bias. Tights, the ultra-luxe Louise Cardigan and a warm cup of cocoa (or mulled wine!) and you’re ready for any holiday event that comes your way.

Plus, made with TENCEL™, the Bias Cut Slip meets your every sustainable-gift requirement. Unlike synthetic fabrics that pollute, rub up easily and make you sweat, the Bias Cut is made of gorgeously supple TENCEL™ that’s sustainable, breathable and soft on sensitive skin. Made from cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp, this luxe fabric is a unique, eco-friendly alternative to other fabrics that ensures that a Christmas 2022 gift of a Bias Cut Dress lasts for years to come.

The Gift Of Chilled Sophistication: Marlene Palazzo Pants

Who’s next on your gift list? The gift of relaxed sophistication is for everyone, and the Marlene Palazzo Pants encapsulate this perfectly.

Casual glamor with a relaxed, flowy form, Marlene is the ideal gift for every season. In spring, team Marlene with a Bias Camisole in matching or contrasting colors. Then, add the Karlie Jacket for a chic finish that’s smart and easy. The finishing touch: sneakers if you’re running around or glam sandals for an event. In the summer, you need only take off the Karlie Jacket to keep it season-appropriate. Put on a delicate gold necklace, your designer sunnies and grab your Rafia tote bag: you’re beach-bar ready. Welcome in the fall by pairing your Marlenes with an Aspen sweater, sneakers or boots. In winter 2023, add your Karlie Jacket and the Dylan Coat for chic layers, whatever the weather.

In the summer, you need only take off the Karlie Jacket to keep it season-appropriate. Put on a delicate gold necklace, your designer sunnies and grab your Rafia Small Shopper Bag: you’re beach-bar ready. Welcome in the fall by pairing your Marlenes with an Aspen sweater, sneakers or boots. In winter 2023, add your Karlie Jacket and the Dylan Overcoat for chic layers, whatever the weather.


The Gift Of Casual Cool: The Boyfriend Shirt

Casual, comfortable and effortlessly cool: give the versatile gift of a TENCEL™ Boyfriend Shirt this year. Our gift list is unwrapping it in midnight blue — the shade of many midnights to come…

In spring, sport the Boyfriend tucked or untucked into a pair of Cropped Palazzo Pants. Sneakers or sandals take you from A to B. Then, in the summer, drape your Boyfriend Shirt over a bikini solo, and team it with the Bias Cut Slip Dress in the evening to keep the summer breeze out. In the fall, there’s nothing cooler than a Boyfriend Shirt and your fave mom jeans, with boots or sneakers, depending on your plans. Finally, dress the Boyfriend Shirt in winter with your Cropped Palazzo, a cozy Cotton/Cashmere Knit and boots. Add a scarf if you’re feeling the chill.

Gifts That Last Year After Year

A thoughtful gift isn’t just for one season. In our world of fast fashion, overconsumption and excess, Neu Nomads are proud to rebel with items that last and last. Our designs are proudly made with sustainable, durable fabrics that have been specially chosen for their wear and form. From party dresses to chic women’s dresses and coats, the Neu Nomads mantra is style that endures.

Our designs grow with you — they’ll never go out of style and they fit your body like they were made for you. In classic colors, they’re easy to fit into your capsule wardrobe and will be your firm favorites for years to come.

These are our values this Christmas season: longevity, sustainability and beauty. So, this year, keep the guilt away and shop gifts with a mind for the permanent, not the transitory. Perhaps that's the modern message of Krampusnacht!





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