The Organic Linen Suit is Back

The Organic Linen Suit is Back

It’s the biggest power move of the year: The linen suit.

Nothing says nonchalance more than relaxed, comfy, organic linen dress. And bringing it into the boardroom? That’s genius. A linen suit softens those tailored edges and brings feminine chic to a masculine shape.

It’s no wonder this summer we’re falling in love once again with linen. And our favorite look this season? Our linen suit, of course.

For the Love of Organic Linen 


Back it up. What exactly makes the linen suit so damn special?

Well, it’s no secret that we love linen. Organic, natural linen is one of the few Neu-Nomads-approved fabrics we include in every collection, and our linen is breathtakingly soft, durable, and gentle. Each one of our linen pieces is carefully made from responsibly sourced linen manufactured in our vetted supplier factory in Lithuania, proudly using only green energy since 2017. With no chemical nasties, you’ll find the Neu Nomad organic linen just feels and hangs better on your skin – natural, easy, and clean.

But it isn’t just its eco-friendly credentials that has us pulling well-loved linen pieces out of our closets time and time again. It’s those natural, hypoallergenic qualities too. In the summer sun and in the cold, dry winter wind, linen protects our skin from harsh weather and flare-ups. Cool enough to keep you covered when you’re under the sun’s glare yet light enough to layer up to beat the chill, linen’s sweat-wicking qualities keep your skin clean and dry, whatever the weather. When our bodies need a bit of TLC, it’s linen that we keep going back to.

All this makes our organic linen suit feel like pure, breezy bliss, whether on vacation or on the grind at home.

A Fresh Take On Tailoring


The beauty of linen isn’t just in its practicality. Organic linen is simple, relaxed, and cool, and that’s reflected in the effortless sophistication of our linen suit set.

Gentle lines and relaxed tailored fits combine a masculine silhouette with feminine softness. Light movement, breathable flow, a touch of nonchalance: a linen suit is a refreshing departure from the rigid structures of traditional tailoring. Add the day-to-day natural creasing of linen, and you’ll find beauty in its simplicity. 

Styled Simplicity

And if all that’s not enough to convince you, a linen suit is an easy-to-style staple. 

Worn together, the Charlie Jacket and Cara Palazzo Pants form a complete suit look. Just add a gold necklace for an edgy, sexy take for date night, or finish the look with a Bardot Sleeveless Blouse or the Bias Camisole, and you’re boardroom ready. In classic black or pure white, your linen suit is the basis for endless interpretations.

But Charlie and Cara aren’t exclusively together. In the winter and the fall, wear your Cara Palazzo Pants with your oh-so-soft Aspen V-Neck cashmere sweater and your Dylan Overcoat: stylish and versatile. In the summer, sport your linen Charlie jacket over a casual tee and your Riga shorts, and you’re city break ready. Shove your Palazzo Pants in your suitcase, then add a bikini top and head for a beach day. The linen suit is effortless dressing in your go-to favorite. 

So, what are you waiting for? This is an organic linen revolution! Get your Charlie and your Cara here, but act fast — every year, our linen sells out, and this year will be no exception.


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